Risers and Fallers – October Draft Board

by Mason McRae

Updated Top 25 Players for the 2020 Draft with Notable Risers & Fallers


1 OF Spencer Torkelson 70 Arizona State 6’1 205
2 RHP Emerson Hancock 60 Georgia 6’4 200
3 C Drew Romo 55 The Woodlands HS 6’1 205
4 OF Dylan Crews 55 Lake Mary HS 6’0 175
5 OF Pete Crow-Armstrong 50 Harvard-Westlake HS 6’1 175
6 RHP Mick Abel 50 Jesuit HS 6’6 185
7 OF Austin Hendrick 50 West Allegheny HS 6’1 195
8 OF Robert Hassell III 50 Independence HS 6’2 195
9 SS Austin Martin 50 Vanderbilt 6’0 170
10 OF Zac Veen 50 Spruce Creek HS 6’4 180
11 C Tyler Soderstrom 50 Turlock HS 6’2 195
12 RHP Alejandro Rosario 50 Miami Christian HS 6’1 165
13 RHP Jared Kelly 50 Refugio HS 6’2 205
14 C Patrick Bailey 50 North Carolina State 6’2 192
15 RHP Cole Wilcox 50 Georgia 6’5 220
16 OF Daniel Cabrera 45 LSU 6’1 180
17 RHP Max Meyer 45 Minnesota 6’0 165
18 RHP Jared Jones 45 La Miranda HS 6’1 175
19 LHP Asa Lacey 45 Texas A&M 6’4 180
20 SS Casey Martin 45 Arkansas 5’11 180
21 3B Blaze Jordan 45 DeSoto HS 6’2 220
22 LHP Hugh Fisher 45 Vanderbilt 6’5 185
23 RHP C.J Van Eyk 45 Florida St 6’1 190
24 SS Ed Howard 45 Mount Carmel HS 6’2 185
25 LHP Ryan Bruno 45 American Heritage HS 6’3 185


The Biggest Change is Drew Romo going from 5 to 3 and Dylan Crews from 3 to 4. After a disappointing summer, I had to drop Crews a little and with Romo getting more impressive by the day – I’m much higher on him than most because of the HS Catcher risk scaring off others, but he’s such a fun player to watch.


Robert Hassell III got bumped from 11 to 8, making him the 4th ranked OF ahead of Veen whom he was previously behind by a spot. Hassell is the complete package, while Veen has some off the field worries and a slight dip on the hit tool compared to RH3.


Alejandro Rosario was the most impressive player this summer, proving he could glove-strike his fastball and spot up the zone against tough competition He has the best fastball in the class, and probably the most advanced command from the HS ranks. A bump from 18 to 12 for Rosario, making him the 2nd best RHP in his class, after previously being the No.4 behind Jones and Kelley.


Jared Jones dropped from 11 to 18 after some bothersome command issues at showcases and what look like a mental problem where he got to himself, he still has a fastball in the mid-90s with life and a BB that complements his CH/FB. But he doesn’t have the flashy command Rosario and Abel come with.


Ryan Bruno and Ed Howard weren’t even in the top-50 before my update. Bruno was NR while Howard was 52nd in the class. Howard can stick at SS and has a loud bat with an easy swing, he’s an uber athlete with the ability to take over a ballgame in any phase of the game. Bruno is a textbook lefty with clean mechanics and a whippy arm with velo behind it. Bruno might overtake Timmy Manning as my favorite LHP to watch from in his class, his delivery is about as good as it gets.


Casey Martin and Blaze Jordan were the last changes, Blaze’s ego has gotten way-too-big and his lack of improvement over the summer doesn’t warrant a top-15 selection. Martin dropped mainly because of others rising while he doesn’t have a way of improving his stock until the Razorbacks’ season begins. 


That’s it, let me know who you think’s improved/dropped his stock and feel free to message  me on twitter @mason_mcrae with questions.

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