Who Are the Next Blue Jays Breakout Prospects?

Milb.com photo First in a series.... Trying to determine the next wave of breakout prospects in the Blue Jays prospects in these pandemic times is a challenge. We don’t have 2020 performances to go on. All we really have is a player’s last few weeks of 2019, and comments from Blue Jays player development people … Continue reading Who Are the Next Blue Jays Breakout Prospects?


Chavez Young Injury Update

Imagine going half way around the world to get some much-needed reps, having to quarantine for fourteen days upon arrival, missing family and friends at Christmas, having the team president step down while COVID restrictions helped postpone the start of the season, then injuring yourself after recording a hit in your first at bat. Welcome … Continue reading Chavez Young Injury Update

Taylor, Young Make ABL Debuts

The Canberra Cavalry started their Australian Baseball League season a week late with an 8-4 victory at home over Melbourne in a Boxing Day tilt. Canberra’s season-opening series with Perth was cancelled last weekend because of Covid-19 restrictions. With five import players in quarantine, fielding a team would have been difficult for the Cavs. Blue … Continue reading Taylor, Young Make ABL Debuts

December Links

Even with the Rule 5 draft turning out to be much busier than had been anticipated, much of the best writing in minor league baseball last week centred around the reorganization of MiLB, as teams were "invited" to become MLB franchisees. "The Best Way to Kill Major League Baseball is to Kill Minor League Baseball" … Continue reading December Links