2020 MLB Mock Draft 2.0


By Mason McRae


About half a month ago, I released a blog looking at the first ten potential selections of the 2020 draft. Since then, we’ve seen some players emerge after impressive play in the Cape Cod summer league – which is easily the best place to watch college players in the summer. Also, we got a glimpse as to what the best high schoolers in the country have to offer – thanks to the five-day showcase held by Perfect Game. This week, the MLB started its annual PDP League held at IMG Academy in Florida. All of these events have had drastic effects on draft boards. So here’s my updated mock draft, but this time, it will have one pick for every team in the first round. The order is based off the current MLB standings.


  1. BaltimoreOriolesSpencer Torkelson – 1B/OF / Arizona State   


Even with all of those events, Torkelson is still the move at first overall. He’s easily the best bat in the class from the college ranks, now the only question regarding him is if he can prove himself worthy of a spot in LF. If he can, he’s more than likely a slam dunk at first overall.


  1. 6283222019Emerson Hancock – RHP / Georgia


Yep, how exciting. The first two picks remain the same. Hancock still features elite starter traits and a projectable frame at 6’4. Barring an injury or a prep player making a late rise, you can bank on Torkelson and Hancock being the first two selections. 


  1. 5989642016Dylan Crews – OF / Lake Mary HS


Finally a change, Crews was one of the most exciting players to watch at the PG Showcase – which is why he’s risen from fifth overall in my last mock to third overall. He showed off his impressive arm with a couple of throws clocked at 92, as well as an exit velo that hit 100 mph. His bat has plenty of power and oh so much potential.


  1. 2559d7603ouedg7ldhw0br4fnBlaze Jordan – 1B/3B / DeSoto Central HS


Still sticking at fourth overall is Blaze Jordan, thanks to a Series win over Boston – the Jays dropped to the fourth pick in the draft. Luckily, the draft is so deep and they can still get a superstar potential in Blaze Jordan here. Blaze has the best power tool in the draft, and it’s not even a question. 


  1.   363775442019Tyler Soderstrom – C / Turlock HS


Dropping from third overall in my last mock to fifth overall is (in my opinion) still arguably the Catcher in a highly regarded Catching class. Tyler has a simple swing that has plenty of pop. He also showed off his arm at the PG Showcase with numerous pop times clocked under 1.9.


  1. 1305 Zac Veen – OF / Spruce Creek HS


One of the biggest risers is Zac Veen, a speedy Outfielder who will be the Corbin Carroll of the 2020 class. Zac has a beautiful swing that showed power at the PG Showcase last week. In an extremely good Outfielders class, some would expect Hendrick or Crow-Armstrong to go before Veen – but Zac’s abilities on defense gives him the nod. 


  1. cpqj6up5bvgpoedg5fwsk20veAustin Hendrick – OF / West Allegheny HS


Already the third Outfielder taken through seven picks, Hendrick has the most unique swing in the class that draws eeirly similar comparisons to Shoeni Ohtani. Hendrick has been the best player at the MLB’s PDP League. 


  1. z9e0rqit393ojiizsemd0t1hxPatrick Bailey – C / North Carolina State


Finally, another college bat is taken. Bailey is the best college catcher by a long distance. Bailey isn’t a jaw-dropping player, he’s good at basically everything – but not great at much. He has a simple swing that generates lots of line drives. He’s defensively sound and will stick at the Catcher position.


  1. 7112502014Pete Crow-Armstrong – OF / Harvard-Westlake HS


Some people have Pete as the best OF in this class, higher than Dylan Crews. For me, he’s the second best OF at best. As of now, he’s right behind Veen and Hendrick. PCA features a skillset that will probably stick in CF, he has plus speed and one of the best swings in the class. 


  1. m01gfgeorgvbfw15fy04alujmAustin Martin – SS / Vanderbilt


Austin Martin is still fighting for a national championship with the Vandy boys. You’ll see him playing 3B, but with their current SS slated to leave after the season. Austin could see playing time at short. Now, will he stick there? Probably not, he looks like a career second baseman. Hitting wise, Austin is identical to the first overall pick in the 2015 draft – Dansby Swanson. 


  1. oxvkprv7v4inf5dgqdebp0yseDrew Romo – C / The Woodlands HS


Another riser thanks to the PG Showcase, Romo has the best arm in the class and made sure we knew that. He had almost every throw clocked under 1.85, including one at 1.76. His bat isn’t scary good, but it’s just a simple swing with a line-drive plane. He also has experience from team USA last summer.


  1. rcehah9k0kekjkgzm077fflwsCole Wilcox – RHP / Georgia


Twelve selections, and only two pitchers? You’ve said this was a pitcher-heavy class! Well, it is. But it’s also a deep class in general. Anyways, Wilcox is a hard-throwing righty with starter traits and lots of arm-side-run on his Fastball – which he commands to both sides of the platel. But struggles to command his secondary pitches


  1. 7343442015Hugh Fisher – LHP / Vanderbilt


Another product from the best program in College Baseball. Fisher is a lefty with a low three-quarters arm slot who sits 94-97 and gets close to triple-digits. His secondary pitches are bothersome but his curveball has some late action. 


  1. 652143892016Mick Abel – RHP / Jesuit HS


Arguably the best arm from the high school ranks, Mick is a projectable righty who stands at 6’6. Abel’s fastball sits 94-96, and features a plus curveball. His body works slow, but his arm action is quick and makes up for his slow delivery.


  1. gnnnrbxcmjhdgeu6mavqk3945Jared Jones – RHP / La Miranda HS


Another prep arm, Jonesy features a fastball that sits 95-96 with a very low-effort delivery. His slider has tight spin and some quick action. Jared struggles to adjust his eyesights, and struggles to command his fastball, thanks to the crazy arm-side-run he has. 


  1. 7075792019Daniel Cabrera – OF / LSU


Another outfielder, Daniel isn’t special. He’s got a simplified approach at the plate with everyday potential – thanks to his power tool. His defense isn’t anything to talk about and will make him a corner guy. 


  1. 3zhma0aeq17tktge1huh7yok5Casey Martin – SS / Arkansas


Casey could be argued to be the best middle infielder in this class, with Austin Martin not necessarily being a shortstop. Eitherway, Casey has plus speed and gap-to-gap power. He’s one of those guys with a high floor and low ceiling. He’s got all the tools and will be a big leaguer. He just doesn’t have the insane potential like others in the class – but he features similar game style to Trea Turner. 


  1. 5868712017Max Meyer – RHP / Minnesota 


The biggest drop on my board, Max went ninth overall in my last mock draft. But as I’ve started seeing the arms in this class, Max was one of the guys who had to take a tumble, his arm is still impressive. He has a really good three-pitch combo – his only problem is commanding all three. 


  1. 6xk2lpc36146pbg2kydf13e50Asa Lacey – LHP / Texas A&M


Asa offers a different style of pitching, he has some funk to his delivery that makes it hard to see the ball out of his hand. He has a fastball that sits 92-95, and gets lots of swing and misses. He had very impressive numbers for the Aggies this past season.


  1. c0whfsa9j0vbs079opk2s05lxJared Kelly – RHP / Refugio HS


A project player, Kelly has all the tools to become a stud. His fastball gets up to 99 and sits in the mid-90s. He doesn’t have any offspeed pitches worthy of discussion. He’s been working on his curveball, but has struggled to command it. Jared could become a top-five pick if he gets his curveball up to speed.


  1. ajfeh4oqeealq37er15r3673hNate Sevino – LHP / Potomac Falls HS


My favorite arm in the class, he features a whippy arm that sits 91-94 and gets up to 96. I’ll be making it my goal to save his career from destruction at the University of Virginia. Nate has a body that works fast, his slider flashes plus. Sevino is the Hunter Barco of the 2020 class.


  1. 6479972018Alejandro Rosario – RHP / Miami Christian HS


With this selection, the last ten of twelve selections have been pitchers. So maybe that’s why I keep saying this class is so arm-heavy. Alejandro re-classed from the 2021 class last week, he sits 92-95 and gets up to 97. He gets lots of arm-side-run because of his quick and efficient arm action. 


  1. 5753472014Robert Hassell III – OF / Independance HS 


Finally a hitter! Robert has lots of athleticism. He has CF written in his future and some serious pop off his bat. He’s one of a dozen prep outfielders with first-round potential.


  1. q9gvs07u72gc9xr3395u6jh68Jack Leftwich – RHP / Florida


Back to the pitchers, Leftwich is a somewhat slow-throwing righty in today’s world. He tops out at 95, but features starter traits. Jack uses his legs really good and gets moving to the plate quickly and efficiently. His numbers were bothersome, but he has what it takes to turn it around in his junior-season.


  1. 253594482019C.J Van Eyk – RHP / Florida State


Another arm from the state of Florida. C.J has a fastball that runs up to 98, and sits in the 93-95 range. He’s got lots of arm-side-run, and has some good depth to his 12-6 curveball. He’s performed well in the ACC this past season.


  1. 5171502018J.T Ginn – RHP / Mississippi State


Back-to-back pitchers with two-letter first names! J.T is the leader of an exciting program in Starkville. He features a fastball that sits in the 94-95 range, and has some arm-side-run on it. He hides the ball well in his delivery and has some similar traits to Jake Arrieta. 


  1. 492995032000Ethan Long – 3B/OF / Mountain Pointe HS


One of the prep-kids who really impressed at the PG Showcase,  Ethan has an explosive swing that has no shortage of power; he doesn’t have any position but his bat is good enough to force himself into a spot.


  1. 1256Tanner Burns – RHP / Auburn


Tanner has been a projected top ten pick in some mocks, and some have had him in the top five. His ceiling is very low, he’s a finesse pitcher who sits in the 92-94 range. His numbers are extremely good. But I question if he can get through MLB lineups as his stuff isn’t overly impressive. He has similar traits to Rick Porcello.


  1. peii986yf4l42v3aa3hy0ovlfMichael Brown – 1B / Vacaville HS


Michael has the second-best power tool in the class. He had some home runs that were 400+ ft at the PG showcase. The concern is that he’s a land-lock at first. Luckily, his power tool will make him a hot commodity on draft night.


  1. efvfv5b5g1zgpsf56gb04lthxTimmy Manning – LHP / Cardinal Gibbons HS


Another prep lefty that I’ve become a big fan of, Timmy has been talked about in the top ten for some mock drafts. His fastball sitting in the 90-92 range makes it hard to bring up in the top-half of the first. But his curveball screams plus and makes him a very appealing arm, if he can get his velo up – then there’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll be a top ten selection.


Honorable Mentions: Tommy Mace (RHP, Florida), Garrett Mitchell (OF, UCLA), Garrett Crochet (LHP, Tennessee), Victor Mederos (RHP, Monsignor Pace), Nick Gonzales (2B, New Mexico State) and Parker Chavers (OF, Coastal Carolina)


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