Spilling the Beans on Pinto

I’ll write this one up in further detail later, but you have to like the reviews on up-the-middle guy Adrian Pinto, the Altuvian (Pinto is listed at 5’6”/155) infielder the Jays picked up from the Rockies in the Randal Grichuk deal.

The DSL MVP last summer, Pinto had twice as many walks as strikeouts, and was second in batting average and OBP, and fourth in SLG.

A scouting report from BA, who ranked Pinto as the Rockies’ 19th best prospect:

Pinto has a small but strong, compact build. He has outstanding hand-eye coordination and a short, quick stroke, rarely swinging and missing. His ability to recognize pitches and swing at good pitches are already advanced for his age, with a short strike zone that he doesn’t often expand. Pinto is more of an on-base threat than a power threat, but he has some sneaky pop for his size and isn’t just a slap hitter. Pinto’s tools jump out as well. He’s a plus-plus runner who led the DSL with 41 stolen bases. He has a plus arm too. He he spent most of his time last year at second base, his most likely defensive home.

From Prospects Live:

At 19, Pinto is still a few years away. Pinto is a hit-over-power guy with an ability to get on base and create some action when he’s there. He seems like a good candidate to crack Dunedin’s roster early in the season. Jays don’t have to make a Rule 5 decision on him until December of 2023.


2 thoughts on “Spilling the Beans on Pinto

    1. He’s still far away to gauge that. If he starts the season in Low A, we’ll get to see him play on MiLB.tv in late April, so hopefully that will shed some light.


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