Blue Jays Instructs Roster

There are some interesting names on this roster, including four Canadians.

Hagen Danner, who was a two-way player in high school, spent his first two seasons in the organization as a catcher, but was converted to relief with encouraging results. He missed time due to injury this season.

Murray’s shoulder woes cost him the whole 2021 season, one both he and the organization had high hopes for. At least twice he started to ramp up, but then had to be shut down.

Ohashi had a promising start to his pro career, and will be looking to build on that. Rojas was a K machine over the second half of his season. Signed a year ago as an IFA after defecting from Cuba with his brother earlier, Rojas is one of the most interesting stories in camp.

Clarke finished his season strong (4 HRs) with Vancouver. Instructs always needs a big complement of catchers, but we’ve heard rumours about a position switch for him before. Maybe this is where and when it happens.

2021 was pretty much a lost season for Wymer, who made only 4 starts for Vancouver. Robertson lost time to injury as well.

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