Prospect Currency?

With the July 30th trade deadline only weeks away, teams have been doing their homework on the other organizations in the industry. At a New Hampshire game in Portland last week, it was fairly easy to spot close to a half dozen scouts in the stands:

The Blue Jays, pursuer of a playoff position and owner of one of the deepest farm systems in the industry, are no doubt doing their due diligence on players – particularly bullpen guys – as well.

I’ve assembled a list of 25 minor leaguers that as a Toronto front office executive I’d be willing (begrudgingly) to part with in order to bolster the 25-man roster. You’ll note who’s not on the list – no Moreno, Martin, Pearson, Woods Richardson, Lopez, or Groshans. I want to build the big league team up, but not necessarily at the expense of the farm system. Does this mean those players are untouchable? No, but I would need to be knocked off my feet with an offer to give one of them up.

Yes, some will note that an Alejandro Kirk and a CJ Van Eyk are on the following list. Catching is a position of strength in the system, so even if Kirk turns into a first division player for another team, there’s a chance someone from within the organization will be similarly successful. Van Eyk was a top pick, and you hate as a rule to give up starting pitching, but if the team is good enough to make a run, well…prospects are good, but parades are better. Van Eyk won’t be ready for another two seasons at least, and sometimes the future is now.

I’ve broken the list into two tiers. Tier one is comprised of players I would consider dealing in almost any scenario. The second tier is comprised of guys I would only give up if that was the only way a deal could get done.

Anyway, have at it…..

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