Blue Jays Release Florida Development League Roster

The Blue Jays sent us their Florida Development League roster this morning.

The first thing you’ve probably noticed was the name change from Instructional League. We don’t know at this point if that’s a permanent thing, or a result of the pandemic.

This is a much more prospect-laden group than in the past, likely caused by the lack of a MiLB season, as well as the culling of lower level guys that has happened (with more likely to come) in the face of minor league restructuring.

Some names that are interesting to see:

-RHP Justin Maese, who has missed almost all of the last two seasons due to injury, but reportedly is healthy and ready to go;

-SS Orelvis Martinez, the youngest player on the roster, and fresh off a stint at the alternate site.

-RHP Luis Quinones, who was lights out for Vancouver in relief in 2019, but was set to miss the first 80 games of 2020 after a positive off-season PED test.

-C Phil Clarke no doubt deserves to be there, but it will be interesting to see if a long-rumoured position switch takes place.

Blue Jays assistant PD director Joe Sclafani had indicated that for instructional and social distancing purposes, one set of players would receive more game-based work at TD Ballpark, while another group would get in more skills instruction at the Bobby Mattick Complex.

We’re still waiting on word of a schedule, but it’s easy to guess that all of the players on this list are ready for action.


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