2020 Draft Board Q & A

by Mason McRae

I asked twitter to give me questions regarding the Draft, and those are all below. Also included is my updated top 40 prospects in the 2020 MLB Draft, which can also be seen on MY BOARD. If you have any more questions, feel free to Reply below or Message me on twitter.


1B 1 Spencer Torkelson Arizona State
SS 2 Austin Martin Vanderbilt
RHP 3 Emerson Hancock Georgia
SS 4 Nick Gonzales New Mexico State
OF 5 Pete Crow-Armstrong Harvard-Westlake HS
OF 6 Garrett Mitchell UCLA
RHP 7 Mick Abel Jesuit HS
OF 8 Dylan Crews Lake Mary HS
C 9 Patrick Bailey North Carolina State
OF 10 Zac Veen Spruce Creek HS
RHP 11 JT Ginn Mississippi State
SS 12 Ed Howard Mount Carmel HS
OF 13 Austin Hendrick West Allegheny HS
RHP 14 Cole Wilcox Georgia
RHP 15 Carmen Mlodzinski South Carolina
OF 16 Robert Hassell III Independence HS
RHP 17 Max Meyer Minnesota
LHP 18 Reid Detmers Louisville
LHP 19 Asa Lacey Texas A&M
3B 20 Jordan Walker Decatur HS
RHP 21 Tanner Burns Auburn
C 22 Drew Romo The Woodlands HS
RHP 23 Alejandro Rosario Miami Christian HS
RHP 24 Jared Kelley Refugio HS
RHP 25 CJ Van Eyk Florida State
LHP 26 Garrett Crochet Tennessee
OF 27 Daniel Cabrera LSU
2B 28 Justin Foscue Mississippi State
RHP 29 Nick Bitsko Central Bucks East HS
C 30 Tyler Soderstrom Turlock HS
RHP 31 Jared Jones La Mirada HS
RHP 32 Marco Raya United South HS
SS 33 Casey Martin Arkansas
RHP 34 Cole Henry LSU
OF 35 Mario Zabala Int. Baseball Academy HS
RHP 36 Ben Hernandez De La Salle HS
RHP 37 Cade Cavalli Oklahoma
LHP 38 Ryan Bruno American Heritage HS
RHP 39 Chris McMahon Miami
OF 40 Zach DeLoach Texas A&M


Now onto some Q&A, Thanks to those that submitted a Question.


From @Greappleton – “What’s the chance Dylan Crews Slips to the Second Round?”


I might be the worst person to ask this question too. Currently, I have Crews 8th on my Board, which is the lowest he’s ever been for me. In a mock draft I did this past week (with others), I had the 17th Pick and took Dylan Crews with it. The General Consensus on Crews is all over the place, Pipeline has him in the late-40’s, FanGraphs has him in the low-20’s, BA has him in the 30-40 Range.


What’s starting to worry me about Crews is that he looks the part (Great Swing, Plus-Bat Speed, Fantastic Leg Usage) but hasn’t put it all together. He swung through 40 velo at the end of the summer, and looked lost vs above average stuff. I think he’ll be an interesting player to watch for on Draft Night. He could go in the late-teens, but just as easily sign for 2M-3M at the beginning of day two. It’s still very early to speculate, but I think there’s a legitimate chance he’s on the Board for the Jays at Pick 42, which is crazy to think about.


From @TBJADB69 – “What do you think about Cooper Davis? I Don’t know if he’s eligible or not, but he’s canadian!”


He is indeed eligible, he’s currently my 291st Ranked Prospect. His profile is in the exact opposite direction of where the MLB is going nowadays with a very straight swing and a contact-first approach. Has plus-speed, and above average actions in the outfield. He’s started for Vanderbilt in Centre Field but looks like a way above average defender in LF at the next level – the problem with that, is he doesn’t have good enough offensive numbers to warrant playing time in an offense-first position. 


I think he’s a very good day three, below slot deal – especially for an organization like Toronto, who has struggled to find outfielding prospects since Vernon Wells. If Davis would take 50-80k in rounds 11-15, I think the Jays would love to grab him – but I doubt Davis would forgo a senior year and degree at Vanderbilt for less than desirable money. There are some other Canadians that could be candidates for the Jays to take, as you’ll see below.


From @rae4_mc – “Who are some Canadians the Jays could overslot in Rounds 2-10?”


This year’s class is similar to last year’s with two high-end outfielding prospects. Owen Diodati and Dasan Brown being last year’s group and David Calabrese, Owen Caisie being this year’s new crop. The rest is just pitchability LHP’s and one or two shortstops with some potential.


I’d love to see a David Calabrese overslot in the third, just like last year – I think he’ll need more money than Dasan to turn down University of Arkansas. Caisie has the best power-tool from the Canadian Ranks this year, and he’s very twitchy – reminds me of Jason Bay to a degree but with a lesser hit-tool. Justin Thorsteinson, Austin Gomm, and Bryce Arnold are the only other Canadians I’d give anything more than 125k too.


From @MikeMilana – “Why does there seem to be dissenting viewpoints on Pete Crow-Armstrong? Seems like a potential top 10 pick, he may be Raw but I don’t see any obvious weaknesses.”


Aside from Robert Hassell III, Pete Crow-Armstrong was the best player for USA’s 18U team this summer. He was a spectacle roaming around in centre field with regular twitter appearances because of two robbed home-runs in a weekend. 


I think the ‘dissenting’ views are created because of non-PCA reasons, lots of people in the industry believe this is one of the better college pitching classes in awhile. The values of highly volatile prospects like raw players (Like, Pete) become much more dimmenised when you can get a much-safer, and valuable player in a college arm that could be MLB-Ready in two years. I think Pete’s drop into a later-round selection will be because of how many College Arms could get Top 20 looks. In the Shared Mock Draft I took part in last week, 9 College Arms went in the first 23 picks, which might be low in all honesty. I was the one who ended up taking Pete Crow-Armstrong (8th Overall), he was the no. 5 player on my board so it seemed like an easy decision.


To recap, if Pete falls – it will be because of reasons he can’t control. He’s got a long history of success which is why he’s been viewed as a first-round talent since he was a sophomore in high school. He’s a no-doubt centre fielder, with all five tools and the hit-tool getting plus marks. He is a Vanderbilt Signee, so signability could be a reason for a drop as well.


From @duvy_013 – “Most Underrated draft prospect at the moment?”


This question is basically, who are you much higher on compared to others? So the answers I Give you may be much more different to somebody else’s.


Yesterday I went over Patrick Bailey and why I think he’s The Most Underrated Player in the Class. I still stand by those statements, obviously. I think Max Meyer (no. 17) is falling into the underrated category as well, his height scares people – luckily I’m not in that group. He was hitting 100 in his last start, sitting in the high-90’s and then sat 94-96 in his last inning. His Delivery is fast-paced and works well, he flashes a plus-hook and an average changeup.

This one will be a deeper dive, but LSU’s Saul Garza is someone I’ve become very keen towards. He has a likeable swing w/ an above average hit-tool and average power-tool at a premium position. I don’t know if he sticks at catcher at the next level, but he looks like a possible Right Fielder with a near above average arm. He’s already been drafted twice, once out of HS, and last year as a Sophomore. His age will be somewhat old on Draft Day (22.5), so that will scare off some teams. I have him ranked 69th in the class right now, FanGraphs doesn’t even have him in their top 208 (Entire Board) so I’m very high on him.


From @tim815 – “Are you buying Zac Veen as a centre fielder? Initially, or just initially?”

Of the Five Top Prep OF (Crow-Armstrong, Hendrick, Crews, Veen, Hassell III), I think all of them except for Crews can play CF, Hendrick could but won’t as he has a plus-arm so RF is his best-fit. In regards to Veen, he has the athleticism to play in CF, if he keeps growing, his size might force a move to RF. As of now, he’s 6’3 and looks ratherly identical to Drew Waters. He does have an above average arm that was clocked in the low-90’s at the PG National Showcase, so RF is a good fit as well. Wherever he’s drafted, the team that takes him will give him every opportunity to flourish in CF, as expected.


From @anthonyswanson – “Do you think Nick Loftin could sneak into the first round with a Big Spring? Possibly underslot to the Rangers at 14? Any names you think could emerge at 14 also?”


My first look at Nick Loftin was in the trial period of USA’s CT last year, he disappointed me and with Alika Williams being ‘the guy’ at shortstop, Loftin had to shift around. I compared his swing to Paul Molitor on my notes for Loftin, with a downward swing plane and highly efficient K%, BB% and Hard Hit Ball numbers. He looks like a much more athletic Braden Shewmake who went at the end of the first to Atlanta for an underslot deal. I don;t think Loftin gets any First-Round looks but there’s still plenty of time – the class is too deep for somebody like Loftin a shortage of upside to go in the top 29 picks.


From: 23JPerez – “Any thoughts or info on what the Giants might do with the draft this year?”


Still too early for an speculation on Picks, as of now – most Mock Draft’s are based on past tendencies and who’s the BPA. In my Last Mock Draft I had the Giants taking OF Garrett Mitchell 13th Overall, which would be an outstanding Pick – he’s a low-risk athlete first prospect with all five tools. The Giants seem to like Low-Risk players with tools, so Mitchell would fit that, but I don’t know if he would still be available.


Somebody like JT Ginn, Tanner Burns, Reid Detmers, or CJ Van Eyk could make alot of sense at 13 for the Giants in a deep college pitching pool.

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