Blue Jays Have Some Minor League Vacancies to Fill

Now that the World Series has ended, MLB organizations now are turning their attention to shoring up their minor league staffs for 2020.

The Blue Jays have several fairly large holes to fill – AAA Buffalo Manager Bobby Meacham, AA New Hampshire skipper Mike Mordecai, and longtime Pitching Coach, most recently at AA Vince Horsman have all parted ways with the organization.

Lansing hitting coach Logan Bone and GCL pitching coach Mark Worrell have also left the organization.

Some of these openings will be filled externally, but it’s a safe bet that Cesar Martin and Dallas McPherson will be among those strongly considered to move up, with other Managers in the system moving up in corresponding shuffles.

One rumour making the rounds is that the Blue Jays have been looking for a new Minor League pitching coordinator, but there has been no official word.  Jeff Ware currently fills that role.

Since Gil Kim took over as farm director, the club has hired mostly instructors with a strong academic and/or coaching background.  The word-of-mouth/networking method has resulted in many of these hires.

A name to watch for is George Carroll.  The NYIT grad caught in the Jays system after signing as NDFA for several seasons, and after some time away from the organization returned in 2017.  He most recently served as position coach in the GCL.  Carroll is Manager material, according to one source.

The Blue Jays also have internship opportunities in their Baseball and High Performance ops, if you’re interested.


Hot on the heels of head athletic trainer Nikki Huffman’s departure from the organization, news came late last week that Cliver Brewer, second in command in the High Performance group, was leaving to take a position with the Columbus Crew of MLS.

Brewer has an impressive resume.  He helped take the British Summer Olympic team to a second overall finish at the 2016 Games, and has a strong educational and professional sport background.  His LinkedIn profile still has him listed as with the Blue Jays, and there are some who suggest as a Brit, the MLS job might be more in line with his preferences.  The reality is likely that its an opportunity with more responsibility.  And for those who suggest that he’s leaving a leaking ship, this is the time of year when front office staff leave for other positions.

The Blue Jays, according to Shi Davidi, will not replace Brewer, but will promote assistant director Dehra Harris to become second overall to head Angus Mugford.


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