Blue Jays Top 25 Under 25: #20 Kevin Smith

cut (3) photo

By Mason McRae


Coming in at number 20 is Kevin Smith – now this is where this list gets juicy. Pretty much every player listed from now on WILL be a Blue Jays one day.


 Kevin Smith was kind of disappointing in New Hampshire this season, spending the entire season in AA was a let-down. He posted a .662 OPS, with a .262 OPS and a .400 SLG, the scary part were the K’s – he had 151 to only 29 walks. Not good, but he showed some power with 19 home runs and 21 doubles. He has some surprisingly good power tools for a second baseman, third baseman. He can play the entire infield which is a plus.


In 2020, Smith needs to take a step-forward. He should be making a push for the big league roster in late 2020, early 2021. He can be an impact bottom of the order bat with a Ryan Goins-esque game style.



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