2020 MLB Mock Draft 3.0

by Mason McRae 

My second mock draft this summer, I’ll probably end up having about 4-6 released between now and draft day. This one has changed a pretty good amount thanks to the Team USA trials,Area Code Games, PG HR Derby, and plenty of other high volume events. This will probably be my final mock until the College season begins, so here we go!

1. 59896420161B/OF Spencer Torkelson (Arizona State)

There’s really nothing much to say until the college season begins, Torkelson is the best college hitter since Kris Bryant and easily the most hyped up player in the class. Once the season begins we’ll get to see if he can play left field at the next level and if his power can take another step forward (if that’s even possible). He’s still a lock at 1-1 unless he turns into an Andrew Vaughn case in the ‘19 class.

  1. BaltimoreOriolesRHP Emerson Hancock (Georgia)  

It’s almost a guarantee that these are the first two picks in any order, Emerson would’ve been the best pitcher in last year’s class by a longshot. He’s exactly what you look for in a future face of a rotation – high velo, high spin, a great frame, command of all four pitches and elite starter traits. A ‘Hancock to Rutchsman’ connection should be fun to watch develop.

3. 6283222019OF Dylan Crews (Lake Mary High School)

This is where it gets hard as we head into the second tier of the class, Hendrick or Crews at pick three is a tough one. Crews’ hit tool gives him the edge over Hendrick here, Crews has the most advanced swing in the class and looks like a middle of the order corner outfielder with gametime power. 

  1. 363775442019OF Austin Hendrick (West Allegheny High School)

The fish in Florida have to settle for a prep kid in Austin Hendrick with raw-plus power and a bazooka of an arm. The most fascinating player to watch play and a player you can count on to put on a show, this is somebody you build a lineup around. Which is something the Marlins lack and with J.J Bleday struggling (Called it) in High-A, it doesn’t look like he’ll be the one to kickstart the rebuild. 

  1. 2559d7603ouedg7ldhw0br4fnC Drew Romo (The Woodlands High School)

But the Jays have Danny Jansen? Yeah, well when you land on a player (and person) like Drew Romo – you worry about what position he’ll play when he’s slashing .285/.370/.460 later on rather than now. Romo is the best player at the most barren position, he’s the best defensive catcher in a LONG time. He’s got Jose Molina traits behind the plate that’ll make him an everyday MLB catcher simply because of his glove and his bat is electric.

  1. 7112502014RHP Mick Abel (Jesuit High School)

As of now, the best prep arm in the class and it’s close between him and few guys. Mick’s already 6’6 with a plus breaker and some life on his heater that plays into the mid to upper 90s. You could say he has some Tyler Glasnow traits – whom the Pirates are familiar with.

7. 1305OF Zac Veen (Spruce Creek High School)

Now we work into tier three of the class, Veen is underappreciated because of the outfielders above. But he’s got a really good hit tool that comes with a 6’4 frame, he’ll work into a corner role at the next level more than likely because of his size. He’s a five tool player with top of the order qualities and some great athleticism to go along with it.

8. oxvkprv7v4inf5dgqdebp0yse1B/3B Blaze Jordan (DeSoto Central HS)

Coming in all the way at number 8 is the most hyped up player in the class, thanks to social media. With Chicago getting a strict 1B last year in Andrew Vaughn, maybe the Sox go away from Jordan. But, I still think he has the ability to be a below average (defensively) third baseman at the next level which would raise his stock heavily.  

9. 5868712017C Tyler Soderstrom (Turlock High School)

The second best catcher in the class goes at 9 to the Rockies who I feel like have never had talent at the catching position. Soderstrom isn’t a stud at any particular skillset but he’s a 55 to 60 at about everything, he’s played all over the field for Team USA (mainly third and left) and has struggled defensively but I still think he could be a catcher at the next level.

10. 7343442015RHP Cole Wilcox (Georgia)

At 10, San Diego gets the second best arm from the college ranks in Cole Wilcox. He’s a 94-96 righty that gets up to 99. His secondary pitches aren’t special but they work well, and he commands his fastball to both sides of the plate. Wilcox doesn’t have the upside like Jared Jones and Jared Kelley, but he has a much higher floor and should be ready to help the Padres make a playoff push by late 2022/early 2023.


  1. z9e0rqit393ojiizsemd0t1hx3B Austin Martin (Vanderbilt)

Cincinnati gets the highest floor in the class, Martin is a copy-and-pasted Dansby Swanson. Austin can play the entire infield and has for Vanderbilt en route to a College World Series win, where he was the kickstarter of the offense and kept everything clicking. 

12. ajfeh4oqeealq37er15r3673hRHP Jared Kelley (Refugio High School)

I wasn’t a fan of Kelley until he developed a solid breaker this season and showed it off at the All-American game. Kelly is a hard-throwing righty with a massive frame and starter traits. He’s got a low effort delivery with some arm-side-run and is a Texas grown talent who’d fit great in Arlington.

13. 652143892016C Patrick Bailey (North Carolina State)

The Angels get one of the most valuable picks so far in Bailey. He’s the best catcher in college baseball and broke out in his sophomore season. He’s flashy behind the plate and has some power as well.

14. gnnnrbxcmjhdgeu6mavqk3945OF Pete Crow-Armstrong (Harvard-Westlake High School)

After getting a slam dunk pick in Corbin Carroll last year, Arizona gets another flashy centre fielder in PCA. He’s a Vanderbilt commit with a quick bat and some wheels on the basepath. 

  1. cpqj6up5bvgpoedg5fwsk20veRHP Jared Jones (La Miranda High School)

An undervalued Giants farm that lacks arms gets a damn good one here. Jones has a fluid arm with arm-side-run that sits in the 94-96 range. He’s got a tight slider with good spin and a changeup that compliments itself. Jones joins a loaded system of hitters with Heliot Ramos, Joey Bart, Marco Luciano and Hunter Bishop and gives them a high upside rotation guy.

16. m01gfgeorgvbfw15fy04alujmRHP Max Meyer (Minnesota)

Meyer is a 94-96 righty with a slider that mirrors his fastball and a changeup with advanced movement. He’s struggled to command all 3 but is a middle of the rotation guy with the potential to be a 200+IP/3.75 FIP guy.

17. 7075792019RHP Alejandro Rosario (Miami Christian High School)

Rosario might have the highest ceiling in the class, featuring a 92-95 fastball working up to 97 and a slider with life. Alejandro might have the best arm in the class, it’s whippy and clean. He’s extremely young for the class because of reclassing from the ‘21 class.

18. 6479972018OF Jace Bohrofen (Westmoore High School)

Jace is a lefty speedster with middle of the outfielder potential and athleticism to be a gamechanger all over the diamond. 

19. c0whfsa9j0vbs079opk2s05lxRHP J.T. Ginn (Mississippi State)

The Red Sox get something they’ve been dying for, a rotation guy with zero off-the-field concerns. J.T has dominated the best conference in college baseball and has a 94-95 fastball with run. He also reminds me of Jake Arreita in some ways.

20. q9gvs07u72gc9xr3395u6jh683B Drew Bowser (Harvard-Westlake High School)

Bowser is an oversized middle infielder with a line drive plane swing and lots of pop, he’s a flashy player with some Javier Baez swag. His swing is similar to Carlos Correa – Drew’s position is unclear, but third seems like a fit.

21. 3zhma0aeq17tktge1huh7yok5SS/OF Casey Martin (Arkansas)

St.Louis gets a high risk, high reward type player in Casey Martin. He’s got some unique scenarios defensively, he played center field at the USA collegiate team trials after starting 60 games at short for one of the best D1 programs in the nation. He has some swing and miss concerns but his plus plus speed and athleticism that makes his journey to the MLB much easier. 

22. rcehah9k0kekjkgzm077fflwsOF Daniel Cabrera (LSU)

At 22, Daniel Cabrera goes. He has the highest ceiling out of the (Torkelson not included) players selected already. He’s got some juice and will be a corner guy – more than likely a left fielder at the next level. He has some Jayson Werth in his game and is a really good pick at 22.

23. 6xk2lpc36146pbg2kydf13e50LHP Asa Lacey (Texas A&M)

Asa Lacey at 23, is high-way robbery. You could debate between him and Nick Lodolo (‘19 6th Overall pick) for who’s the better LHP. He’s got a low-mid 90s fastball with some deception and a high success rate in the SEC.

  1. 253594482019OF Garrett Mitchell (UCLA)

A plus plus runner with some thump and a Kevin Keirmair game style. Mitchell’s got a good bat path with long zone time.

  1. 5171502018LHP Hugh Fisher (Vanderbilt)

Another product from the powerhouse of pitching in college baseball. Fisher is a funky low 3/4s lefty with deception and a mid-90s fastball that hits 97.

26. 5753472014OF Mario Zabala (International Baseball Academy)

Another plus plus runner, Zabala has a long bat with raw power. He also has an absolute cannon and is a fun player to watch.

  1. peii986yf4l42v3aa3hy0ovlf2B Justin Foscue (Mississippi State)

Foscue is a utility guy who can play the entire infield, he’s a .250/.375/.390 type hitter with bottom of the order thump and a high floor. He’s a gritty player who has lots of quality at-bats that go unnoticed on box scores.

  1. 492995032000LHP Timmy Manning (Cardinal-Gibbons HS)

The best organization in pro baseball for developing arms, Houston or the University of Florida? Not a bad decision to make for Timmy. Manning is a perfect pick for the Astros, he’s got a low-90s arm with the best curve in the class (HS Ranks) and some starter traits. 

  1. 1256RHP C.J. Van Eyk (Florida State)

Van Eyk, a low-mid 90s righty with a great arm and mechanics that work well and repeat themselves. He’s not a special arm but has starter traits and commands the entire zone.

30. efvfv5b5g1zgpsf56gb04lthxC Jack Bulger (Dematha HS)

I reached on my board a little for Bulger, but a catcher with plus raw power and tools defensively is a great get at the end of the first.


Mason follows the MLB draft like few outside of the business.  His updates appear regularly here at FBJ, and we’re glad to have him.  Follow him on Twitter: @mason_mcrae.




7 thoughts on “2020 MLB Mock Draft 3.0

  1. If the Jays flush the rest of the season down the dumper, we can hopefully get high enough for Hancock…or maybe he drops a bit over the course of the next year until June. If not, Abel looks like he might be the next best bet. Pitching, Pitching, Pitching!


  2. JJ Bleday’s first 8 games in A+, he hit .148avg with a .179 OBP and .333 SLG.
    The next 23 games Bleday hit .276 avg with a .330 OBP and .402 SLG.
    Now everyone knows that JJ Bleday has had a looooong season. My interpretation is you are calling him a bust even though he’s been rushed through the system. Most people who know anything about anything wait at least a year before calling someone a non prospect. For example Alec Bohm was 10 times more HORRIBLE last year than Bleday this year and he is having a fine year this year. And gloating about someone failing(even though he’s not) it pretty sad.


    1. Where in the article did I say Bleday is a bust? Do I think he’ll become a bust? Yes. Do I think Miami rushed him? Yes. Does it change the fact that he’s struggled? No.


      1. Just re-read my Miami Pick and saw the Bleday comment, so I was wrong about saying I didn’t bring up Bleday struggling in the article. A failure of development by Miami in rushing him which leads to him struggling doesn’t change the fact that his numbers are atrocious for a Top 5 Pick.


  3. I hope to God the Jay’s don’t pass up Asa, I find it hard to believe Lacy makes it to 23. The Jay’s need pitching and there is lots of it, the future of catching is in Double A already. Hopefully they don’t take this as advice. Sorry if that sounds like I’m a jerk.


    1. Riley Adams is not the Catcher of the Future, I regret to inform you. He made some progress this year, but at this time is a fringe MLBer.
      Given the development time of the majority of prospects, drafting for a position of current need is rarely a recipe for success.


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