In Case You’ve Wondered….

Hi all.

You may (or may not) have noticed that my posts of late have been few and far between.

I’m on a bit of a self-imposed hiatus from posting (but not tweeting) for a couple of reasons, including:

-it’s summer, and as a Canadian, I’ve earned my right to be outdoors as much as possible after having survived another winter.  My wife, who is my partner in hiking, camping, cycling, and paddling adventures, agrees.

-interviews are great, and I really enjoy doing them.  However, they take an incredibly long time from start to finish, including setting up the actual interview, conducting it,  transcribing the conversation, and then putting the finished product together..  See point #1 for why I haven’t had time.

-most importantly, I have taken on another baseball writing project.  I’ll have more to say later, but it’s a historical research task, with a uniquely Canadian angle.  This project has grown considerably since I’ve started it, and undertaking research, contacting people who might have some knowledge of the subject, and beginning the process of writing from all of my notes has been an all-consuming process.


Rest assured, I’m still watching minor league baseball, and tweeting my observations and thoughts.  When fall comes, I hope to have completed the first draft of my project, and will then hopefully have some time to get back to prospect blogging.

Thanks for your readership and support.


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