A Suggestion for Charlie Montoyo

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Dear Charlie:

It feels like a brand new world.

Out from under the anchor that had become Troy Tulowitzki’s contract, the Blue Jays now are free to fully commit to a rebuild.  You must be excited to inherit what pretty much is a blank canvas, with a productive farm system bubbling up.

And we learned yesterday that you bring an extensive minor league background, and an appreciation for analytics and new strategies:

With all due respect, if you’re  looking to employ an opener, I suggest that you look no further than fireballing minor league reliever Jackson McClelland.  For an inning or two, he could be a right-handed hitter’s nightmare:

McClelland could pitch the first inning (or maybe two), then be followed by Ryan Borucki, who would present a different look, and his change-up could really mess with hitters’ timing after McClelland’s high 90s/touching 100 heat.  Hopefully, Borucki could last until the 7th or 8th, potentially pitching in high leverage situations before turning things over to the back of the bullpen.

Of course, a couple of things would happen for this to be a reality:

-McClelland would have to go unclaimed in this week’s Rule 5 draft.  He’s on Buffalo’s reserve roster, meaning that he’s not eligible for the minor league phase.

-he would have to be built up in order to go multiple innings:  he pitched more than one inning only 12 times in 39 appearances last year.

-McClelland would also need to improve his command; when he’s on, he’s almost unhittable, but that needs to happen more often than it doesn’t.

-he would have to be added to the 40-man roster, which now has an extra space.

Just a thought, Charlie.  All the best this year.  It might be a long one, but the future looks bright.

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