Blue Jays Draft Picks by Signing Scout

Theirs is a largely thankless job.

Since the early days of the last century, scouts have toiled largely in anonymity,  criss crossing the back roads of the U.S. and Canada, looking for the “arm behind the barn.”

Times may have changed – scouts are more apt to be found now at Showcase events across the county, but the basic concept of scouting remains the same:  get to know the player, his strengths and weaknesses, his character, and (perhaps most important of all) what his price tag will be.

This year’s draft may be over, but preparations for next year’s has already begun.  Summer is peak Showcase season, as teams begin the lengthy process of building their draft board for next June.

Here are the draft picks the Blue Jays have signed, with their signing scouts.

Round Number Scout Last Name First Name POS School
1 12 Brian Johnston Groshans Jordan SS Magnolia HS
2 52 Jason Beverlin Conine Griffin OF Duke
3 88 Brian Johnston Kloffenstein Adam RHP Magnolia HS
4 116 Gerald Turner/Brandon Bishoff Wymer Sean RHP TCU
5 146 Pete Holmes Bec Christopher C U Maine Orono
6 176 Matt Bishoff Barger Addison SS C Leon King HS (FL)
7 206 Matt Huck Podkul Nicholas 2B Notre Dame
8 236 Coulson Barbiche Murray Joseph RHP Kent State (OH)
9 266 Randy Kramer Brodt Jake 1B Santa Clara U
10 296 Darold Brown Stevenson Cal CF U Arizona
11 326 Dallas Black Steinmetz Hunter CF Missouri St (MO)
12 356 Wes Penick Allgeyer Nick LHP U Iowa
13 386 Coulson Barbiche Wilson Brad RHP Ohio Dominican
14 416 Jason Beverlin Aiello John 3B Wake Forest (NC)
15 446 Darold Brown Watson Troy RHP U North Colorado
17 506 Coulson Barbiche Havekost Austin RHP Kent State
18 536 Darold Brown Stadler Fitz RHP Arizona State U
19 566 Matt O’Brien Ramos Adrian CF Miami Dade CC (FL)
20 596 Doug Witt Capra Vinny SS U Richmond
22 656 Ryan Fox Burland Gage RHP Lewis-Clark St Col
23 686 Nate Murrie Squires Troy C U Kentucky
24 716 Brian Johnston Pascoe Mike RHP San Jacinto Col N
25 746 Brian Johnston McAffer Will RHP Tulane (LA)
29 866 Matt O’Brien Finfrock Cre RHP U Central Florida
30 896 Matt Bishoff Johnson Cobi RHP Florida State
32 956 Brian Johnston Pulido Joey RHP U Houston
33 986 Matt O’Brien Harris Matt RHP Florida Atlantic
34 1016 Dallas Black Townsend Grant RHP Oral Roberts
38 1136 Matt O’Brien Ruiz Francisco C Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy
NDFA Jim Lentine Rees Jackson RHP U Hawaii
NDFA Nate Murrie Thurston Ryan LHP Western Kentucky


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