Ryan Borucki Rounding Into Form

Buffalo LHP Ryan Borucki may not be the best Pitching prospect in the Blue Jays organization, but he’s closest to MLB-ready at the moment.

Borucki made his first start of the year on April 10th, but because of the poor spring weather that settled in over the Northeast, he didn’t take the mound again until 10 days later.  His performance suffered as a result, but he made his best start of the season yesterday, throwing 7 shutout innings against Washington’s Syracuse affiliate.

Borucki was masterful with his sequencing yesterday, mixing all four of his pitches and keeping the Syracuse hitters off-balance.  He told milb.com:

“I just really had my fastball command. I was working it down, got a lot of ground-ball outs, which is always good. Whenever you keep it out of the air, it’s always a good thing. I had my offspeed. My slider was working to get ahead of hitters. I was putting them away with my fastball and my changeup, which are usually my go-tos. I just mixed my pitches pretty well today and the results showed.”

Consistently working down in the zone, Borucki retired 19 of the last 21 hitters he faced.  In addition to the pair of hits, Borucki surrendered a pair of walks.  10 of his outs came via the ground ball, and he fanned 5.  He was ahead of the hitters all day, making his change-up an even more effective pitch.

If/when the Blue Jays need a spot starter over the next few weeks or months, depending on how his turn in the rotation matches up, Borucki should be at the top of the list of Pitchers the team is considering promoting.


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