More on the New Additions to the Minor League Staffs

Blue Jays Director of Player Development Gil Kim sent an addendum to an email he had originally sent with details about the backgrounds of some of the new hires on the minor league staff.

What’s interesting about these new instructors is the wealth of education and experience many of them bring to the organization.  The Blue Jays are on the cutting edge with their new High Performance Department, and these hirings reflect that.

Here’s the bulk of Kim’s email:

Guillermo (Martinez) – Nicaragua native who comes to us from the Cubs, he eats/breathes/lives hitting.  He has a creative mind, he’s resilient and he’s well-respected by players and staff around the game.

Matt Young – not drafted and made it to the big leagues, he’s a hard worker who has been a general manager at a Dallas-area baseball academy.  He’s a cage rat who connects well with people.

Mark Worrell – former big league reliever, impressive background with a PhD in Phys Ed Teacher Education.  He spent last season as the Academic Coordinator/Asst. Pitching Coach for MLB China.  He’s a very driven individual, and passionate about the holistic development of players.

One last note on staffing……… we aim to provide these players with the best resources possible, and that very much includes the people that these players will work with and learn with.  We’re a diverse and multi-cultural game.  We have players in this organization from different backgrounds and from all over the world, so it’s an advantage to also build a diverse and multi-cultural staff as well.      



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